The Pisillo law firm was founded in Siena by Arturo Pisillo in 1912 and continued under Arturo’s son, Andrea, who, in turn, entrusted it to his sons, Riccardo and Fabio.

Fabio has been the owner of the firm since the early ‘80s. While focused primarily on his job as a university professor in international and European law and human rights, Riccardo is also a consultant for the office.

Fabio Pisillo, Esq. has a team of dedicated lawyers who are experts in their own fields, be it civil law (including corporate law, bankruptcy law, labour law), criminal law (mainly, but not limited to, law of the economy) or administrative law.

This organization allows each lawyer to have specific, up-to-date knowledge and experience in his or her own field and also allows lawyers to collaborate in the interdisciplinary cases that are common in many fields of law. More complex cases are entrusted to teams of lawyers.

The firm works on extrajudicial and contractual cases, as well as in judicial matters and arbitrations, and can represent clients in all higher jurisdictions. In its long history, the firm has represented clients in many complex and important cases, many of national importance.

The firm’s lawyers can represent English- and French-speaking clients.